Episode 13: The Economics of Immigration

The human consequences of the current administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy have been inescapable during this summer’s news cycle. Each day seems to bring with it new stories of parents separated from children, inhumane conditions in det [...]

The Financial Flipside Podcast, Episode 11: Trade Talks

The last two weeks have been a bit of an economic whirlwind, with the US imposing steel and aluminium tariffs on Canada, the EU, and Mexico, a move that has driven US-Canadian relations in particular to a new low as Canada imposed its own tariffs on [...]

Financial Flipside Podcast, Episode 10: The One About Money

image via Stocksnap.io For relatively small  bits of paper and metal, money carries a lot of weight. It is (supposedly) both the root of all evil and the key to happiness In our particular capitalist society, we both venerate and distrust peop [...]

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