Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Financial Flipside?

What does that new monetary policy, bill, or trade agreement have to do with me? 

How do I go into business for myself, and what do I need to do to achieve my definition of success? 

Why is everyone so obsessed with startups and entrepreneurship anyway?

Economic and financial questions are an important part of everyday life: we are confronted with them at the grocery store, at the bank, when planning events or thinking about the course we want our lives to take.

As is to be expected with something so important, there’s a lot of reporting (and blogging and vlogging and, let’s be honest, podcasting) about money, business, and finance.

We absorb a lot of this information ourselves for work and out of personal interest, and doing so made us want to… start our own podcast and blog: hence the Financial Flipside.