The Financial Flipside Podcast, Episode 5: What’s in It for Us? Tax Reform, Continued

In our last episode, we discussed the high-level overview of the House’s tax reform bill. Now that both the House and Senate have released their versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, we thought that we would revisit the topic. We give a rundown of the business and individual tax features of the House plan, discuss how it differs from the one in the Senate, and talk about why tax reform matters beyond your bottom line. We also have questions…lots of questions.

Note: this episode was recorded before the House passed its version of the bill. This article breaks down the remaining differences between this version and the one in the Senate

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Mentioned in this episode:

An overview of the House plan

How the House plan will affect businesses and individuals

How the Senate plan differs, and some possible reasons why


How Will the Senate Tax Plan Affect You? A Calculator (note: this is for general information /entertainment purposes only)

Who wins and who loses in the GOP Senate tax plan?

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