The Financial Flipside Podcast, Episode 9: Cash Flow is King!


What is cash flow? Put simply, it’s the money (cash and cash-equivalents, so CDs, shares of equity, government bonds, bank accounts)  coming into and going out of your business. It’s an easy enough concept to understand, but day-to-day cash flow management is the Achilles’ heel of many a small business. A study by US Bank found that 82% of all failed business are undone by poor cash management. Admittedly frightening statistics aside, there are a number of reasons for small businesses to care about cash flow. In the first half the episode, we discuss what cash flow awareness can do for your company, where to look for cash flow information, and how to understand what you’re seeing.

We generally talk about cash flow in a business context, but it’s equally important to keep on top of the movement of money in and out of your life and personal bank account. In the second half of the show, we chat about applying cash flow management principles to your personal finances, including budgeting, expense planning, and whether or not skipping that latte will keep you from financial ruin.

What are your biggest cash flow challenges? How do you manage cash flow in your life and business? Let us know in the comments,via twitter (@financeflipside), or email ([email protected])!

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