The Financial Flipside Podcast, Episode 10: The One About Money


For relatively small bits of paper and metal, money carries a lot of weight. It is (supposedly) both the root of all evil and the key to happiness In our particular capitalist society, we both venerate and distrust people who have managed to acquire a lot of money. It is at once a source of anxiety and a source of comfort.  In short: our relationship with money is complicated.

In today’s episode, we engage in literal #realmoneytalk. We discuss the history of money, its power in our lives, and how the almost mystical power we’ve ascribed to money can make it really hard to talk about. We also touch on the consequences of not talking about money because it’s scary or taboo or because we don’t know how. We can’t promise to demystify money in half an hour, but we do have some practical tips for building a less fear-based relationship with the contents of your wallet.


Talk to us: What is your relationship to money? What did you learn about money when you were younger? Are there any things you’ve had to unlearn in adulthood? Let us know in the comments!

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Mentioned in this episode:

Money makes the man.

The history of money

Who decides how much money is worth?

What causes currency to change in value?  

Can money buy happiness? According to one study, it depends on how you spend it.

What is the difference between fiat money (i.e., money that, like the US dollar, has value because of a government decree) and legal tender (i.e., money that you can use to repay a debt)?

How to read financial news

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